Room Decor & Living Room Ideas
Whether a girls room or boys room, find everything for your humble or lavish abode. Find wall decor, room ideas, funky furniture, tapestries and decorating ideas now at Bewild.

Everything you need to turn an ordinary room in to a wild room is right here. Posters, party lighting, beaded curtains and black light reactive decorations that can turn any bland space in to a unique area everyone will love. Glowing stars, UV reactive paint that is invisible under normal lighting and some glow in the dark decorations will make any area incredible.
Poop Emoji Smiley Face Stuffed Pillow
Grateful Dead Dancing Bear Stuffed Pillow Pet
Large Black Beaded Dream Catcher
Large Blue Beaded Dream Catcher
Large Quartz Beaded Dream Catcher with Blue Feathers
Large Quartz Beaded Dream Catcher with Purple Feathers
Purple Beaded Dream Catcher
Native Spirits 4 inch Dream Catcher
Clear Neon :: Magic Invisible UV Brush On Paint
Clear Neon Magic Invisible UV Reactive Spray Paint For Household and Clothing
Pole Dancer Stripper Alarm Clock With Flashing Lights & Music