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Rockabilly Culture and a moment in time

Posted on March 12 2018

Rockabilly and Pin-Up Couture. 

So many people have asked me to define it.  And it is hard to define in mere words. 

About 4 years ago I stumbled into a Vintage shop in New York and my heart skipped a beat.  The fabrics and patterns that draped the racks were compete from Americana circa 1950. 

To the best of knowledge, I can only define it as a moment in time.  When Ray Charles and Johnny Cash echoed warmly from the long play vinyl on the hi-fi record player.  When polka dots, leopard print, pomade and cherries ruled the fashion set.  When the sunlight was our clock and when dinner was waiting on the table.  When life was simple but the music divine.

I fell in love. With a feeling. With a moment. With a comfort of my own skin and feeling desirable when I gazed upon myself.

My first dress was a black, swing dress by Sourpuss.  The lines and the material wrapped my body like a warm blanket and hugged every curve. Being part of the punk rock scene, it almost made sense that I gravitated t'words them.  Sourpuss Clothing was created in 2001 and has deep rooted history with the punk and oi scene, and stands true to their DIY attitude and loyalty to their originality. 

They introduced me to Kustom Kreeps, Bettie Page, Lindy Bop, Fred Perry, Hell Bunny, Iron Fist and so many wonderful lines that have been added to my closet. 

I started working at and have been excited to share the lines that I have found with everyone I can find. 

Eat a piece of vegan cherry pie, put on a Swing Dress, your favorite leopard heels and listen to the Stray Cats .. then you will know what Rockabilly is <3 and will be there to have your back. 



Bettie Pain