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Gum Ball Machine Belt Buckle with FREE Belt

$12.99 $19.99


Get Ready! Here comes the all new, super yummy, sorta gummy fashion statement you can chew! The Refillable Gumball Machine Belt Buckle is a whimsical and cute way to finish off any outfit! This refillable buckle holds up to 22 of your favorite medium sized gumballs, perfect for blowing bubbles or just a sweet chewy treat when ever you desire. This buckle's spring loaded sliding door, located on on the bottom of the buckle, releases a single gumball with ease! Just let gravity do the work, it's both fun and easy. This buckle is refillable, reusable and you an fill them again and again with whatever color or flavor gumball you want! Makes a great gift or personal splurge for any bubble gum girl.