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Adjustable Flex Pipe Lighter With Compass


#23 Z#20-15

Keep The flame where it should be: On your pipe! Trying to smoke a pipe while lighting it with an ordinary lighter can be a problem. You can burn your hand on the flame, the lighter often over heats and you have to bend your hand all the way around to get the right angle. Not any more! The Adjustable Flex Pipe Lighter features a unique adjustable gooseneck style tip so you can adjust the lighter to the angle that is comfortable for you. The long 4" neck keeps the flame away from your hand so no more burnt fingers and thumbs! Simple single motion ignition system allows you to light up with just one hand so you can hold your pipe with the other! This lighter also features an easy flame adjustment on the bottom that you simply turn to control the flame size. This is the only adjustable pip lighter on the market that also features a fully functional compass.... In case you get lost! *Ships in assorted colors.