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Bob Marley Incense (3 Packs of 24 Sticks)



Bob Marley incense is the ultimate way to commemorate the legend of bob Marley by creating a unique atmosphere that will fill your home with gentle fragrance. This fantastic 3 pack assortment of official bob Marley incense features 72 individual incense sticks in 12 different scents that are sure to compliment your tranquil environment. Each assortment of 24 pieces will come to bundled in an officially licensed pack that features a special picture of bob Marley himself. The back will tell you all the different scent included in the pack and the best atmosphere to use them in. These are truly special incense sticks,each pack has been especially formulated to set a certain type of mood, so you have the perfect incense for everything from a relaxing dinner, soothing bath, uplifting meditation or even a hard work out. *Incense burner not included.