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UFO Girly Sleeveless Hooded Tee (Light Pink)

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33780 Light Pink
One Size Fits All

UFO Girly Sleeveless Hooded Tee (Light Pink). Each UFO Girly Sleeveless Hooded Tee is made of 100% super soft pre-shrunk combed cotton. Each of these unique UFO Sleeves Hooded shirts offers the best features of all shirt types; The light weight comfort and breath-ability of a cotton tee, the style and mobility of a sleeveless tank and the utility and convenience of a hooded sweatshirt. UFO Sleeveless Hoodies are perfect for an active lifestyle and the daily grind of life. Look great and be comfortable, UFO Sleeveless hooded Tees offer give you the confidence to take on the world and of course look great while your doing it. These hooded shirts are a great way to top off your aerobics or dance outfit.