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Herb Grinders - Classic Aluminium 3 Chamber Grinder



Herb Grinders - Classic Aluminium 3 Chamber Grinder

Herb grinders turn the tedious, yet necessary task of hand pulverization to a fun and simple duty. Simply place your favorite herb into the top of the herb grinder and twist your way to a fine and fluffy result with out dirty your hands, in a fraction of the time. This herb grinder's 4 part billet aluminum construction is durable and attractive. It's top herb grinding compartment is made of aircraft quality billet block aluminum that is milled to exact specifications for a tight fit for all the compartments. When the herb grinding compartment has completed its task, your ground herb will be automatically transferred to a convenient storage compartment, where a fine mesh bottom filters out the high quality herb pollen into a separate 3rd compartment for later use. You can watch as every time you grind, your pollen collection will grow, for use on those "Special Occasions". This grinder can be considered the "best bang for your buck" as it has all the functionality of a hundred dollar herb grinder but at a fraction of the price!

This herb grinder measures 1.5" Height x 1.5" Diameter

Available Colors: