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Herb Grinders - Compact Electric Herb Grinder


Z# 1-011-1

Herb Grinders - Compact Electric Herb Grinder

Behold the herb grinder technology in the future! This new compact portable herb grinder gives you the POWER to grind your favorite herb the the consistency you desire with push button accuracy. This handheld electric grinder uses 3 AAA batteries to revolve its powerful blades at astounding speeds, grinding your herbs in seconds. Weather you like your herbs chopped coarse or ground into a fine powder this is your new toy. The large clear processing compartment holds plenty of herbs at a time, saving you the trouble of having to grind a second batch. With no need to recharge this grinder is ready to go when you are. Three double bladed arms spin the Six sharp blade to do the job in a flash, or literally in the push of a button. Don't strain yourself twisting and turning those difficult manual
grinders, join the grinder revolution today!

***THIS PRODUCT IS INTJENDED FOR HERBAL AND SPICE USES ONLY! Always Grind with the top securly in place, as the sharp blades spin very fast and may cause injury if improperly used.***