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Unisex Ear Warmer Head Band


Ear Warmer-1

Unisex Ear Warmer Head BandStay warm this winter with our stylish, unisex head band ear warmer. This classic design headband is popular year after year. Unisex earwarmers are sure to keep your head warm and dry throughout the harshest winter days! Get ready to work it out and sweat it up in our light blue headband. Made from 100% acrylic, this 2 ½” wide stretchy head band is perfect for your day at the gym or while taking a jog on a nice day. Designed to keep you feeling cool and dry, this band is a must have for the active person or exercise enthusiast in your life.

100 % Acrylic.
One Size.
Approx.2 1/2 inches in Width.