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Sterling Silver Fake Ear, Nose and Lip Hoops (Medium 10mm)



The secret to our faux-pierce body jewelry line is the spring-action hoops! This feature makes it possible to wear Illusion Body Jewelry safely and comfortably not only on the ears, but also on the nose, belly button, and anywhere around the lips. No holes are required to wear them. Fun for all and all for fun! This exciting new Non Piercing body jewelry from BeWild is designed to wear as a nose ring, lip ring, earring, or belly ring. It has the effect of a real facial piercing without the pain and permanence of a hole! Simply pull back the small disc to open the hoop and place the non-piercing jewelry as desired. It's that easy. Everyone will think that you have pierced. Each package holds two hoops of the same size. We now offer silver in three sizes. This medium sized hoop measures 10mm in diameter.

Perfect For Use With:
  • Ears
  • Nose
  • Septum
  • Lip