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S.I.D.S Awareness Ribbon Magnet



This magnetic support ribbon is perfect for your car or refrigerator. Display a message for supporting Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Awareness, the Troops, POW's, America, or Cancer with these support ribbons. Beautifully rendered, easily applied and removed, and best of all - they're RE-USABLE! Each Weather Resistant Magnet is 8"long and 3 7/8" wide.

*First Candle/SIDS Alliance is a national, nonprofit, health organization dedicated to promoting infant health and survival during the prenatal period through age two with programs of advocacy, education and research: while at the same time providing compassionate grief support to those affected by the death of a baby.

“A percentage of this purchase will be donated to *First Candle/SIDS Alliance to help babies survive and thrive.”