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Tripp NYC Mechanic Wash Chain Pants With Zip Off Legs


#61 Tripp#AF7627-1

Tripp NYC Mechanic Wash Bondage Chain Pants. These pants have it all, Chrome Steel Chains, metal zippers, worn steel accents and super unique acid wash black and grey material. material! Tripp NYC "Mechanic Wash" Bondage Pants Feature deep front pockets, oversized back pockets and decorated cargo pockets and have enough storage to fit all your goodies and baddies. All the straps on the Tripp NYC "Mechanic Wash" Bondage Pants are removable, just in case you want to tone down the look, but why would you want to do that? Draw sting waist and bottoms mean the pants are going to fit you PERFECT. Need we say more?

Tripp NYC "Mechanic Wash" Pants Feature:
  • Strong Cotton Twill Acid Wash Material
  • Worn Steel Accent
  • Deep Front, Back & Cargo Pockets
  • Legs Zip Off to Shorts
  • Drawstring bottoms
  • Pull Tab Waist adjustment & Belt Loops
  • All Chains are Removable