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Telescopic Adjustable Floor Stand Ash Tray



Telescopic Adjustable Floor Stand Ash Tray. This versatile telescopic floorstand ashtray adjust in height from 14" to 27" with ease. Since this unit adjusts in height you can use it on your coffee table as a regualr ashtray, or fully extended it can sit on the floor next to your favorite chair at the perfect height. No more bending over to flick your ashes, this floor stand ashtray is always with in reach. The auto clean feature allows you to dispense ashes and butts in to a bottom compartment so you always have a clean ash tray. This ashtray also features a swinging cigar rest so you can rest your cigar or cigarette in the ash try. This floorstand ashtray stands a full 27" tall when full extended (Thats over 2 feet tall!) and has a 4" auto clean ashtray on top.