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Xzavier SFX "Midnight Flight Couture" Rhinestone T-Shirt

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#44 L170B Black-
Xzavier SFX "Midnight Flight Couture" Rhinestone T-Shirt. Xzavier SFX "Death Grip Couture" Rhinestone T-Shirt. Xzavier Da Grind, new age clothing with a hardcore edge. Est. 2006, Xzavier Da Grind is at the fore-front of cutting edge style and renaissance inspired designs. The Xzavier crest is one that reflects power and courage for all who dare to wear it. Most of these design shirts have elements of battle and feature inspirational phrases of the battle mentality. Xavier Da Grind is World classes clothing with one goal in mind complete domination and true chivalry to every person.

Decorate your self with this war torn Xzavier Style. This shirt is printed on a premium quality, super soft vintage tee for maximum comfort and wearability. Xzavier Da Grind "Midnight Flight Couture" Rhinestone T-Shirt features thousands of premium quality crystal rhinestones that shine light and add a true hand made feel to this incredible piece of wearable art. Tens of Thousands of Clear, Black & Red rhinestone accent the wings and crest on the back of the shirt. In addition, this shirt features classic crimson leaf accents over the front Midnight Flight design to further accentuate the rhinestones. The back of the shirt features an amazing angel wing back print.