Myachi Original Hand Sack
Myachi, pronounced mee-ah-chee, is a sand filled handsack, about 3 x 1.5 inches (10 x 4 cm) in size. The handsack is tossed around on the back of the hand in any number of ways. Any surface of the body can be used, except for the palms. Myachi is said to be the "evolution of footbag." The point of the game is to toss the sack on the back of your hand without letting it hit the ground. Games include big air, seeing who can catch the highest toss, and best trick, seeing who can perform the best tricks with the handsack. Tricks include catching the sack on your head or foot, tossing under the ler or behind the back, or moving your hand around the sack while it's in the air.
Myachi Battle Paddles Set - Includes 2 Paddles and 1 Myachi