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6 Assorted Womens T-Shirts - Girls T-Shirt Clearance Megapack Only $2 a Shirt


Girls Megapack

How would you like to pick up 6, crisp, new t-shirts for only $2 each? sounds impossible right? It's not, and no we have not lost our minds! To make room for new inventory we are liquidating ALL of our clearance items. You choose you size and we will send you 6 of our best clearance shirts. Anything can be in there from our best selling tuxedo t-shirts to our premium designer lines.

Mega pack FAQ:Q:How can you offer these shirts so cheap?

A:All shirts in our megapacks are brand new and are so inexpensive because we must get rid of them ASAP. These shirts are taking up valuable room in our warehouse which we need to bring in new merchandise!

Q:What Shirts can i expect to get in the pack?

A:These shirts are shipped assorted so technically anything can be in there; however you can expect to receive some of our best selling shirts including shirts from our in house printed lines as well as discontinued designer styles.

Q:Are these shirts brand new?

A:Yes. All of our clearance shirts are brand new. Most are in perfect condition, others may have slight print defects or other minor imperfections. All shirts decided to be sold for clearance are still in presentable, wearable condition so you are sure not to get a dud! Keep in mind MOST shirts are in perfect condition.

Q:Can I choose what I get?

A:No. But you can choose what size you would like to get. These shirts are assorted so you can not choose the color or design you receive. It's kind of like an adult grab bag and every megapack ordered is sure to have surprises. There are some real hidden treasures in these packs, don't be surprised if you open up the box to reveal a $79 Rebel Spirit t-shirt or a $30 Xzavier Shirt.. That's right you just got an awesome designer shirt for $2!

*Please Note: All T-Shirt Megapacks are final sale. No returns or exchanges will be permitted on this item. Sorry, No Exceptions. Images shown above are for marketing purposes only and do not reflect which shirts you will actually receive.