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6 in 1 Travel Game Gift Set

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Travel games have been around for decades and up until now it been the same old song and dance. With the growing popularity of hand held electronic games the makers of travel board games have been trying to keep up with this new national pass time by improving the old board games to make them superior quality. This affordable alternative is sure to provide you or your children with countless hours of wholesome fun and entertainment. It is a fact that even children s games on hand held consoles are questionable at best and include violence and provocative subjects. Why expose our children to these games when they can play clean classic games such as checkers backgammon chess dominoes solitaire and much more! With this set is is now possible to keep everybody happy and quiet on long road trips or flights. All the checker / backgammon & chess pieces are magnetic so a bumpy ride does not mean the end of the game. Even if you shake the game board wildly the pieces stay upright and in place. This set will have your whole family kept busy with 6 great games and infinite possibilities for good clean fun.

This Gaming Box Travel Set includes:
  • Magnetic Checker Pieces
  • Magnetic Chess Pieces
  • 24 Dominoes
  • 4 Dice
  • 1 Large Cribbage Die
  • 1 Cribbage Board
  • 4 Cribbage Pegs
  • 1 Deck of premium Coated Playing cards