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Amazing 4D Sound Equalizer Illuminating T-Shirt


#8 #1042-1

Brace yourself! This is the newest and hottest trend in club raver gear. With the combination of micro lighting technology in to this special clothing You are now the lightshow! This interactive 4D Equalizer shirts goes beyond the tradition of hand held club toys. This EL EQ Shirt allows you to wear a full blown animated Color light show right own your t-shirt. Weather you are wearing this shirt to the hottest new club, under ground event or school you are sure to turn some heads as your shirt lights up bright in full illuminated animations. Combining of of these shirts with your regular rave or light shoe routine with add light and motion for an experience never seen before by on lookers. This shirt also interacts with the sound in your environment just like a real equalizer! This shirt also has adjustable sensitivity settings so when music is blasting it reacts just as effectively as it would in a quiet room with people talking. Each of our special EQ Illuminator t-shirt come with specially made shirts that conceal wiring, and have a built in pocket to store the controller device. Shirts require 4 AAA Batteries (Not Included) Please follow washing & care instructions carefully to ensure a long life for this product.