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Amazing Edible Finger Body Paint Kit


F# 59800

Tired of the same old routine in the bedroom? Edible finger paints will bring out the artistic and creative personality of your partner, while you can "touch paint" each others most intimate areas. This foreplay inducing tool will inspire you touch and frolic while creating sexy patterns on each others bodies. These paints are completely edible, liquid candy, so after the finger painting has come to an end the fun has just begun. We suggest you clean up by licking, sucking and savoring every last bit of this candy paint, leading to a bedroom experience you have never before encountered and you are sure never to forget. This kit includes 4- 1.2oz resealable containers of edible body paint. The paint included comes in 4 vibrant colors and deliciously fruity flavors that smell as great as they taste, Blueberry Blue, Strawberry Red, Lemon Yellow and Green Apple. All finger/body paints are made from sugar and glucose syrup and are artificially flavored. These sweet liquid treats are sure to ignite into a WILD night of fun!