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Amazing Sound Reactive RAVE LED Sunglasses

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A sound activated pair of sunglasses that capture audio sound like music, voices, cars or even the loud sounds of daily life. Each pair of Rhythm Vision Sound Reactive Rave Sunglasses feature 10 super bright LED lights the illuminate and react to the sounds they capture. Rhythm Vizion Sound Reactive RAVE LED Sunglasses include a fully adjustable sound control with sensitivity ranging from 0 db (no sound needed to react) to an astounding 250 db (Louder then a jet engine and gun shot combined) and can be adjusted to every level in between so you Rhythm Vizion Glasses will always be bumping to the music! High Sensitivity allows these glasses to react to even the slightest whisper where as low sensitivity will make these glasses react only to the lowest, loudest bass line while at the night club or concert! Best of all Rhythm Vizion Sound Reactive Sunglasses look great just like a sporty pair of sunglasses and can be worn day or night, with the LEDs on or off! Available in your choice of LED color you are sure to love the awesome sound reactive sunglasses! Match these glasses with one of our sound reactive EQ T-Shirts and your entire outfit will be boucin' with the beat!