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Ash Tray Incense & Room Air Freshener



This remarkable solution will change the way you think about smoking in your house. right now you may be sitting at your desk or in your room smoking a cigarette and unannounced to you the whole room really does smell like cigarette smoke. Now every time you light a cigarette you can minimize odors and emit a great scent into the room. This amazing flame retardant ash tray freshener absorbs smoke and odor when the cigarette is in the ash tray. If you allow the lit end of the cigarette to touch these colorful flake a great smell similar to incense will fill the room, literally making smoking a cigarette make your room smell better. Many of your friends and family may hate the smell of smoke and when you light up they are repulsed, that will no longer be a problem as this product really works. In fact we tried this product in our own main office where smoking is strictly prohibited and not as much as a single cigarette has ever been smoked in the area. In order to properly describe this product i lit up a cigarette in the middle of the office, in between drags i place the cigarette back in the ash tray. Then i had the boss (who does not smoke) come out of his office into the area where i just finished a cigarette. Without even mentioning the fact i just had a cigarette he says, wow it smells great in here, the carpet guys must have used a freshener or something... Lets keep how the room smells so great between the two of us, please?! So this stuff, incredible, and you to will see the same results. The best thing about this freshener is that you don't have to be smoking a cigarette for it to smell great. Even if you are a non-smoker this Freshener will double as a fantastic smelling potpourri, and can be used in scent satchels. Use this great smelling stuff in your dresser, closet, car ash tray, car, bathroom or any where you want to smell great. Sending invitations to that special get together? Just a small pinch of this scented freshener in the envelope will add delicate touch of scent that will make the presentation simply amazing. Once you start to use this stuff you will never run out of places that you want to put it, it smells that great! Each one of these packages contain enough freshener to fill up to 5 ash tray or satchels, so you can make everything smell great!