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Assorted Solid Color Karma Bracelet (3 Pack)



These Karma Beaded Bracelets are modeled after Buddhist prayer beads. Though many people wore them because they were fashionable, some purported that different colors of karma beads could bring certain elements into a person's life. The association between color and meaning is related to that of similarly colored stones.

Black karma beads mean power and success while gray or silver stand for happiness. They are associated with onyx and hematite, respectively.
Pink karma beads mean love and friendship and are associated with rose quartz.
Orange karma beads stand for empowerment and wisdom and are associated with carnelian stones.
Brown karma beads signify protection and balance and are paired with tiger's eye.
Green karma beads stand for wealth and good luck. They are paired with aventurine stones.
Purple karma beads are associated with good health and inner strength and are associated with amethyst.