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Authentic Bronx Cheer Whoopee Cushion


RI# JK-Whoop

Lookin for a little gag to play on your friends. Why not go with the tried and true. The one that never fails. The original fart machine. Just blow it up and set it down on a chair and wait for the fun. Whenever your in need of a good laugh, you can always turn to the Whoopie. The whoopee Cushion has provided luaghter at the expense of unsuspection vitim for over a centry and now you too can have you very own. As far as practical jokes go the whoopee cushion is the original, most famous and easiest to accomplish of all simple humor pranks. This whoopee is the original, made of pink rubber and features the famous whoopee "Bronk Cheer" Cartoon printed right on the front.