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Bam/Him Heartagram Plaid Skateboard

$57.85 $89.00

Deck #6-1

Bam/Him Heartagram Plaid Skateboard, the brand champions depend on, now offers you these Amazing decks. BAM/HIM skateboards have been amongst the worlds most popular pro decks for years. Made of high quality light weight maple, these epoxy bound decks are super stiff for that awesome "deck pop" the pros love. These are perfect for all ages and skill levels. A complete pro Skateboards will usually cost you well over $200, not at bewild! Our wholesale prices have been slashed and you will save nearly 50% off these decks when you act now! This is a true pro competition skateboard that is made with all premium parts so you will feel perfectly confident that your skateboard will out perform you no matter how crazy the stunt.

This Complete BAM/HIM Skateboard Includes-
  • Deck: White, Heartagram patterns all over with Plaid Heartagram(Dimensions: 31.5" x 7.75")
  • Wheels: 52 mm Black high performance wheels (99a)
  • Bearings: ABEC 5 speed bearings
  • Trucks: performance trucks w/ White Bushings
  • Slip Proof Grip Tape