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BAM/Him "Plaid Heartagram" Skateboard Deck

$25.99 $39.99

Deck#6 Bam/Him Plaid-1

BAM/Him "Plaid Heartagram" Skateboard Deck. This pro quality Bam/Him heartagram deck measures 31.5" x 7.75" and is made of premium 7-ply hardwood Canadian Maple. These deck have been sought after and praised by skaters of all skill levels. Well seasoned skaters love the light weight construction and the deck "pop" the pros demand. Novice and recreational skaters love the great deck feel and easy maneuverability offered by these affordable BAM/Him decks. You choose how you want the deck! Take the deck alone or let us install the grip tape for only $5 more! Want to ride your new skateboard right out of the box? You can make this skateboard ready to ride for only $45 more, that includes Grip Tape, Bearings, Trucks, Wheels and Hardware, fully assembled and ready to roll! Just Choose the appropriate option before adding it to your cart!