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Beaded Curtains - Glow in the Dark Stars Door Beads

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Beaded Curtains - Glow in the Dark Stars Door Beads. These beautiful beaded curtains are perfect for door ways or to separate space in your home. Glow in the dark beads makes this curtain fun day or night. The beads will glow brightly in the dark when exposed to bright light prior to use or will glow intense under UV blacklight! Hang these Beaded curtains anywhere in your house for a decorative effect and a slight bit more privacy. Installation of these beaded curtains is easy! Simply screw in the 2 screws (included)and align with the mounting holes on the top bar and your good to go! The light weight construction of these curtains means no anchoring is necessary and they will not fall down! This curtain features 10 72" bead strands decorated with glow in the dark star & moon beads and fits standard door ways up to 36". Great for bedrooms, dorm rooms and in house thresholds in between rooms!

Purchase additional curtains for fuller coverage.