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Beavis and Butthead "Who is This!" Vintage T-Shirt


#44 5Sun#BVM011-R Brown-1

Beavis and Butthead "Who is This!" Vintage T-Shirt

For nearly 2 decades beavis and butthead have been mindlessly entertaining America's impressionable youth with gross acts of immaturity and have provoked more head banging brain cell loss then pantera and slayer are responsible for combine... and we can't get enough! If you grew up in the 90's beavis and butthead was probably blasting on your tube at least a couple times each night! Before south park... way before family guy and well, years after the simpsons these guys where the baddest hand drawn idiots on tv! This awesome vintage style t-shirt will have to rockin' out in a way we havent seen since '97!