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Beer Goggles - Drinking Straw Beer Goggle Glasses

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Beer Goggles - Drinking Straw Beer Goggle Glasses
Amazing Beer Goggles you can actually drink threw!
Our Beer Goggles make you the life of the party!
We have all worn beer goggles at one time or another.. Now you can ACTUALY Wear Beer Goggles! These awesome Beer Goggles may not make and ugly chick (or guy) look hot but you will look hilarious! Our beer goggles are straws you can actually wear as glasses. Insert one end of your beer goggles in to your favorite brew and drink from the opposite end. The clear straw frames of the beer goggles shows the beer and the bubbles as they move up and around your face. Put on a pair of beer goggles today! A ridiculous idea! The 'glasses' are made from a long piece of flexible tubing, so simply put them on, insert the short end into your mouth and the long end into your drink - and watch the drink swirl through the straw and around your eyes with every sip. What a great way to sip your pint. This straw is shaped into a set of spectacles giving you a novelty way to drink up. There is no doubt that you will be the talk of the party if you rock up in these babies! Drinking glasses are the fun novelty with endless possibilities. Great for kids and adult alike, children will find this goofy fun toy an amusing way to get them to drink their milk or fruit juice hassle free. As an adult you will find these sippin' spectacles to be the life of the party. Compete in long straw chug competitions like never before at your next party! Long straw drinking games when played with these unique drinking glasses are as fun to watch as they are to compete in! The hard plastic spec frames ensure a great fit so the glasses wont slip off even when performing mind blowing drinking stunts! The detachable rubber ends are flexible so you can easily bend the straw into your mouth and you drink.... hands free! Impress your friends and be the "class clown" at your next get together. Pair these wacky glasses with a drinking helmet and you have brought drunkin' retardation to the next level! As you drink watch the liquid swirl and move threw the plastic drinking tubes. It is so stupid it is funny. It is so strange it is cool. Brace yourself for hours of drinking madness!