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Billiard Ball Ash Tray Cigarette Snuffer



This cigarette snuffer will make every ash tray in your house cleaner and will promote less "Stink Finger" that is associated with putting out a cigarette in a regular ashtray. No more Smoldering ash trays and residual smoke! Simply place one or more novelty ash tray snuffers in each ash tray. Smoke you cigarette as usual, but when you are ready to put it out gently place the lit end into the snuffer. In seconds your cigarette will safely extinguished. No Smoke, No No smoldering, No smelly fingers. If you are smoking a cigarette and do not finish it you can snuffer the cigarette at any time and leave the perfectly goo clip standing up right, out of the ash for a good clean cigarette read to go when you are. Normally clipped cigarettes are nasty remnant that you may smoke at a later time but they have been sitting in ash and smoldering in smoke. Now your cigarette clip will be fresh and clean and just as great as the first drag. Please not in order for these cigarette snuffers to work they must be in an ashtray as they do not have a bottom. Do not place these snuffers on flammable or stainable surfaces. Colors and styles may ship assorted depending on availability