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Black Light LED Micro Raver Light

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CT#01786 UV/ Tracker
Use the Ultimate U.V. Micro light as you would to illuminate anything luminescent that glows! Use this light as a light show for clubs and raving while making all things that glow appear intently lite up. This great super bright micro light is just like a photon light. It is great for lighting up medium sized areas at night making it easy to find key holes or small objects in complete darkness. They are also perfect for raving for a wild effect no one eylets haves. The UV Black light appears deep indigo purple when lit up. This micro light has a stay lit switch to keep the key chain either on or off with out the need of holding a button down. This high quality micro LED black light has a long lasting battery life and a 100,000 hour "lifetime" LED bulb Life.
** For better results and more fun, it is recommended to buy two **