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Black Light Reactive Face & Body Jumbo Makeup Sticks (Set of 6)



Neon FX PRO Black Light Reactive Face & Body Makeup Kit

This professional quality Neon FX Makeup Kit gives the artist unparalleled face and body art capabilities. These skin crayons are specially designed to provide maximum control and high detail while painting on skin; you can choose a broad head or sharpen the tip for maximum detail. Neon FX crayons uses a professional neon color technology which provides incredible single coat coverage with minimal effort; the result is a no drip, easy to control, stay put face and body makeup that is resistant to cracks, peeling & smearing and can be applied with great detail. You can mix and blend each color prior to application or by blending on the skin for a rainbow of possibilities. Colors can also be layered on a second coat for an incredible multi color glowing effect. This neon colored face and body makeup is vibrant in color under all normal lighting conditions yet comes to life with and explosion of glow when exposed to UV Black Light. Each neon color is fully Black Light Reactive and will respond aggressively when exposed to any UV light source. Mixing these makeup pencils will produce a unique glow effect since colored light mixes different then colors. The result is a premium quality UV Makeup set that provides artists of all skill levels with the best UV Reactive makeup out there. No preparation is required, just draw it on and expose to black light to watch the design come to life. Each kit Comes complete With 6 Neon Color UV Reactive makeup pencils and user instructions for best results. This set includes 6- jumbo size makeup sticks that are water soluble and wash away with ease yet stay put even during vigorous activity.