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Black Light Reactive UV Glow Rope (25 Feet!)



Blacklight Reactive Neon Color Rope. This versatile rope reacts aggressively when exposed to UV black light causing the rope to glow and illuminate like no other! Each section of rope is 25' long and is highly visible day or night making it perfect for safety or recreation. Decorate your walls, furniture and ceilings; create intricate patterns and designs or just use the rope as accent striping to bring any room to life under black light. This rope is made of high strength, weather resistant woven nylon and is great for indoor or outdoor applications. Tie the rope off at the ends to make a cool fluorescent colored necklace or wrap in around your waist for a black light reactive belt. Take this rope hunting, camping or hiking for rope that is highly visible even from great distances; it may just save your life in an emergency! Wrap the rope around clothing and hit the club or go black light bowling; when the black lights go on you will glow! This highly versatile rope can be be used as a neat home decoration or as a useful tool; use it anywhere you would use normal rope.

Use Black Light Reactive Neon Color Rope For:
  • Decorate your Bedroom, playroom, walls and home with Neon Color
  • Accent clothing and costumes with black light glow
  • Create intricate patterns and designs; fasten rope to walls with common staples or tape
  • Create "String Art" that explodes with color
  • High Visibility- Perfect for use in survival kits, Hunters Packs and Hiker Backpacks
  • A must have camping accessory - Great for tying off and making shelters
  • Great for clubbing, black light bowling or anywhere UV light is present
  • Vivid Neon Colors are highly visible in day or night and react aggressively to any UV Light Source
  • Use this durable rope anywhere you would use ordinary rope, indoors or outdoors.
  • Create Black Light Reactive Jewelry
  • Great as a glowing jump rope or use the rope as a prop for dance routines