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Black Light Responsive Nail Polish (6-Piece Set)



Black Light Responsive Nail Polish (6-Piece Set).

This gorgeous new black light colored nail polish will ignite your nails with a sexy, sultry glow! This nail polish applies smooth and even just like other premium nail polish leaving your nails shiny and healthy looking in your choice of 6 rich colors. The color of the nail polish shows nicely during the day, but when the lights go out your nails will glow bright in the dark for hours. Paint your finger nails and toe nails with salon quality black light polish. This nail polish offers pro results at home or at your salon. People will love your new glow! This paint glows very well in the dark and reacts intense under black light. This polish is 100% UV Responsive. Each set comes with 4 nail polishes with .21oz (6mL) in each nail polish.

Colors in this set include: Light Pink, Green, Yellow, Hot Pink, Blue and Orange