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Blacklight Reactive Confetti :: Excite Your Senses!



Blacklight Reactive Confetti :: Excite Your Senses!
Blacklight Reactive Confetti is perfect for wedding receptions, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, sweet 16 celebrations, bachelorette parties, night clubs, or any other special event! Toss the confetti into the air by hand and depending on the color and quantity tossed, it can create quite the array of different looks! Confetti is also great for a table scaping, to accent centerpieces. Place the confetti into vases or use it for arts and crafts projects. Use it to create visually dramatic effect anywhere! How do they glow? Expose the VIBE Confetti to a black light source. The closer the pieces are to the ultra violet light, the more intense the effect will be. The special material used works by absobring UV light and converting the energy into visible light, making it appear to glow! Purchase your exclusive black light reactive confetti from BeWild today!