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Bob Marley Collector's Series Cigarette Case (For Regular Size & 100's)


#46 NB#BMCC-122

Bob Marley Collector's Series Cigarette Case (For King Size & 100's)

Bob Marley Collector's Series Cigarette Case (For King Size & 100's). Our Collector's Bob Marley Cigarette Cases are made to commemorate the life & music of Reggae Legend Bob Marley. With this order you will receive one of the cases from this awesome collection in assorted Bob Marley Styles. Each case is double sided and includes premium Bob Marley Design of both sides. This case will hold an entire pack (that's 20 cigarettes) of king sized or 100's sized cigarettes! Keep your cigarettes protected in style while preserving your cigarettes freshness for longer. This case features flexible bands that hold your cigarettes in place. This case is also great for use as a hard pack wallet that any Bob Marley fan would be proud to carry. Hold you ID's money and credit cards all in one convenient, safe location. You can also store hand rolled cigarettes, joints or cigars up to 100mm in length! Makes a great gift for any bob Marley fan. Each order you will receive 1 bob Marley cigarette case in assorted styles. Collect all 12!