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Bongzilla :: 6 Person Mega Party Funnel

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Bongzilla is the outcome of a common frat house challenge: How can we make the coolest most bad ass drinking funnel and have it still be practical for regular use? Bongzilla is the worlds first hands free multi person funnel. Simply Fill it with your favorite beer and rip it! The secret to Bongzilla is it's unique party stand: Six hoses come out of the bottom of the funnel, each drinking hoses features a flow valve so the drinker can choose when they are finished. Bongzilla can handle any where from 3-6 drinkers at a time and will hold up to 12 beers! The telescopic party stand adjust from 3 feet tall to over 6 feet so drinkers can take the challenge standing, siting or kneeling. Tube plugs allow you to customize the amount of drinkers from 3-6 with out loosing any beer to unused beer tubes. This sturdy unit is a unique and intriguing party device that is sure to have lines of people just waiting to use it!

*Sorry, Due to the size and weight of the Bongzilla, we are unable to ship this outside of the United States.