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Bulzeye "Cocaine Cowboy" Trucker Hat

$9.99 $34.99

Hat #103

Bulzeye Designer Clothing is the latest up and coming fashion line that will soon be
untouchable in your local stores. Every single Bulzeye garment is hand crafted,
unique and uncompromising. Bulzeye uses vintage techniques and modern cues to
produce truly unique styles that other popular brands such as Ed Hardy & Affliction
lack. Bulzeye utilizes vintage ink prints for a bold yet delicate look that is
different then other mainstream clothing brands. Rhinestones, brass studs and other
bold touches are then strategically hand placed to make the hats pop. The result of
all this high quality attention to detail is nothing short of a piece of art that
you can wear. Vintage Tattoo style designs grace every surface of each hat for a
vintage rock -n- roll outlaw look. You don't need groupies to wear Bulzeye Clothing,
you just need a love for hot style and balls of steel.