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Bulzeye Revolution "At Your Own Risk" RhinestoneCouture T-Shirt

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#17 Black-1

Bulzeye Revolution "At Your Own Risk" RhinestoneCouture T-Shirt. Bulzeye couture introduces REVOLUTION; an extreme line on vintage couture modeled for America's underground. Each shirt is hand made in America, un like some other sell out brands. 100% Cotton couture style t-shirts are individually dyed and printed for a

unique, one of a kind look. No two shirts are exactly the same, so they are as individual as you are. Revolution shirts reflect modern Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Style clothing mixed with pop culture, music and of course the club scene.

This Bulzeye Revolution T-Shirt Features
  • Premium 100% Cotton Fitted T-Shirt Made in the USA
  • One of a Kind Specialty Dye Shirt
  • Hand made couture style
  • Brilliant Gold Leaf accents
  • Crystal Rhinestone Accents