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Bwild!!! Temporary Color Spray (Jaguar Green)


JR#2852 Jaguar Green

The Bwild!!! Hair Color Spray expands on this fact with the most intense vivid colors possible in a temporary hair spray. Bwild!!! Hair Color Spray provides vibrant hair colors that easily wash out in one shampoo. uses the finest ingredients so there is never any chance of damage to the hair, unlike cheaply manufactured sprays that use butane (yes, you read this correctly, lighter fluid) as the main ingredient.

Bwild!!! Color Spray comes in 6 wild colors including Bengal Blue, Jaguar Green, Tiger Orange and Siberian White allowing you to wildly express your untamed spirit.

Why use Jerome Russell over the competitor?

We know it's a little more expensive then cheap foreign made colored hair sprays but you get what you pay for! Jerome Russll's exclusive blend of colored hair sprays have been specially formulated to look and feel more like permanently dyed hair, so you can feel confident this temporary hair spray looks great. Spray it in and comb it threw for even distribution and your results are sure to be great. Jerome Russel's Bwild! hair color dose not contain Butane Gas which is harmful to your hair and leave the spray color looking flat and dull, instead your hair will look healthy and vibrant like dyed hair with out the permanent effects.

  • Temporarily add wild color or highlights to your hair. No need for the use of tints, bleaches or peroxide. Glows under blacklight. Available in 6 colors.
  • Size: 3.5oz
  • Instructions: Shake can well. Hold about 12 to 18 inches away from hair. Apply to dry-styled hair. Shampoos out.