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Can Covers - Hide Your Beer Can Covers (Set of 6)


hide your beer

Disguise Your Beer!

Hide your Beer is a unique way to cover your beer can. It's a reusable cover that wraps around your can and looks like a normal soft drink. When the can is empty, take off your Stick on beer hider and put it on a full one. Perfect for the Golf Course, Beach, Pool, Sporting Events, Boating, you name it!! Just peel off back and slap on any cold can!
  • Safety, Security, Convenience!
  • Reusable over and over.
  • Disguise your beer today!

    These are not magnets as cans are not magnetic, Uses a static technology.


    *Note. Please do not confuse these for popular soda cans. They are simply made to look like what a soda can would look like from a distance with ones hand wrapped around it rather than looking like a beer. With a close enough look, you can clearly see it is not a real soda.