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Can Safes - Jumbo Tang Diversion Safe


JP# 34-227

Jumbo Tang Diversion Safe.
Our Jumbo Tang Diversion Safe feature one of our largest stash compartments to date and even
include ACTUAL Tang in the sealed top compartment. As it stands this diversion safe appears to
be a completely sealed, never opened container; and if you where to open up the top all you
would find is....... Tang! You can even hear the Tang powder shake around in side the unopened
container so not to raise any suspicion. This huge secret compartment can store large items or
large amounts of small objects including over ten thousand dollars in cash. Diversion Can
Safes. With our Diversion safe cans you can protect your valuables and keep them in plain
sight with out fearing theft or detection. Can safes work on a very simple concept, hide your
possessions where nobody would think to look. Each Diversion safe is made of an authentic
brand name container so the safe appears to be just that normal product. The can safes are
then filled and weighed to feel full and un opened. Nobody would ever suspect your un-opened
container of kool aid is actually holding your most prized possessions. Where does a wise man
hide a pebble? On the beach.. This is the same concept, Fill each stash can with what ever you
like; money, jewelry or even Rx Drugs. You can then seal the safe and place it amongst other
soda cans in a six pack, in the fridge or any other obvious place. The average burglar spends
no more then 10 mins in a victims home giving thieves no time to tare up your pantries. They
would rather take your plasma TV then your can of Tang mix, and they would rather tare threw
drawers and jewelry boxes then steal all the food in your kitchen. This puts the odds in your
favor. Each can can hold thousands of dollars and an amazing amount of jewelry or Rx drugs so
you can keep it all safe in a diversion safe can.

Why a Diversion Safe?:
  • Made of authentic product containers
  • Indistinguishable from actual product which it is emulating
  • Safe Appears to Be Unopened and Contains ACTUAL Tang!
  • Containers appear to be un-opened with no signs of tampering
  • Easy to use design allows you to access valuables quickly
  • Can safes are weighted to feel as if the product was full
  • Nobody would ever suspect this can of Tang Mix contain any thing other then Tang
  • Deters criminals and people in search of your goods
  • Massive Storage Compartment measures 5" x 4 1/2"
  • The Jumbo container Measures 9 inches tall x 5 inch diameter

    Note: Some of our Diversion Safes may come slightly dented & tattered to replicate the authentic product. These variations do not in any way constitute such as a defective Item.