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CBGB & OMFUG Burn Out Skull Deluxe Vintage T-Shirt (Black)

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#17 BR#306310450 Black
CBGB & OMFUG Burn Out Skull Deluxe Vintage T-Shirt (Black). This Deluxe vintage tee looks like it has been on the punk scene since CBGB's club opened in the 70's and attended every show since! This shirt is light weightr and looks like in was worn show after show! Of course it is brand new, but nobody would ever know! Super premium vintage style cotton shirt looks the park of a rocker and the print looks faded and wartorn. You will love it!

You no longer need to venture all the way to the Lower East Side of New York City to get your CBGBs clothes. We took the trip for you! Now you can rock this awesome vintage t-shirt by CBGB's Clothing.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Washable.

    What does CBGB stand for? It stands for the kind of music the club intended to have, COUNTRY BLUE GRASS BLUES but it's not what they became famous for. The next question is always, what does OMFUG stand for? That's more of what they do, it means OTHER MUSIC FOR UPLIFTING GORMANDIZERS.