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Chubbs Peterson Tour Pro Golf Lessons :: From the Movie Happy Gilmore

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#2 Deez Navy

This shirt is to commemorate Chubbs Peterson, Adam Sandler's side kick in the movie Happy Gilmore! Chubbs Peterson was happy gilmore's black golf coach who's career was cut short after an alligator bit off his hand during a golf tournament. Chubbs was the one who found Happy Gilmore and converted him from a crazy rebel hockey player to one of the best golfers known to man. With some help from Chubbs and some lessons at the nearby miniature golf course, Happy improves his putting skills, but Chubbs subsequently dies in an accident involving Happy showing him the now dead head of the alligator that took his hand, causing him to stumble back in shock, straight through an open window. Determined to win the game for Chubbs, Happy goes head-to-head with Shooter, and- despite Shooter's attempts at sabotage, such as having a deranged fan drive onto the course and topple a TV tower in front of the last hole- wins the championship, thereby getting his grandmother's house back.