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Cig-o-Matic Automatic Cigarette Injector



This cig-o-matic cigarette injector allows you to produce your own cigarettes with profesional results right from home! This cigarette machine makes cigarettes the same way the major tobacco companies do so you can be assured your result will be nothing short of perfect. Roll them just like you bought a pack in the store, this machine injects tobacco in to pre rolled, filtered cigarette tubes. Why roll your own? Cigarette costs are on the rise nation wide and show no signs of leting up any time soon. Loose tobacco however remains cheap and the tube themselves are mear pennies each. This means you can roll and entire pack of cigarettes for around $2. Cigarettes are $10 a pack OR MORE in some places so you can save big from the time you open the box. This rolling machine will pay for itself in about a week and over the course of time will save the average pack a day smoker $3,000 a year! By rolling your own cigarettes you can also control what goes in to your cigarettes. Tobacco companies use hundreds of chemicals and toxic substances as additives in their tobacco products; by rolling your own you can choose the type of tobaccos you roll with so you can choose natural products or even exotic blends cigarette manufactures don't make. This cigarette rolling machine will effectivly reduce cost by 75% and the savings continue the longer you use it. With this machine you can roll a single cigarette start to finish in 10 - 15 seconds so you can roll a pack in less then 5 minutes. Is 5 minutes time worth saving $8-$12 per day? You be the judge. This cigar injector features one motion operation that is fater then electric models, and a size selector that adjusts to accomadate standard, king size and 100's sized cigarettes. Just fill the tobacco reseviour, insert an empty tube and swing the lever to fill the cigarette. You're done, get smoking! (In the time it has taken you to read this product description you could have rolled AT LEAST a half a pack or more!!!)