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Cigarette Case With Cigarette Lighter (For Regular Size Only)


#93A EW#CL104-2

All In One Cigarette Case With cigarette Lighter (For King Sized Cigarettes)). Ever leave home, go to light a cigarette to discover that you forgot your lighter? Well here is the solution to such an annoying problem. The All In One Cigarette Case With Lighter is both a beautiful chrome polished or satin black case to hold your cigarettes but also has a refillable lighter built in. Cigarette Cases are always a classy way to hold on to your cigarettes and prevent them from getting crushed. Just flip the hinged lid open and retrieve your favorite cigarette. Our Modern Cigarette Case can hold between 6-9 King Size cigarettes. Push the outer left corner or the case in to light your cigarette with the case open or closed. Get your New All In One Cigarette Case With Lighter today and never again be without a light!