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Cigarette Rolling Machines - Express Electric Cigarette Injector



Don't Quit Smoking. Quit Wasting Your Money!

For years rolling your own cigarettes was not very appealing; Hand rolled cigarettes burn uneven, are inconsistent, take a lot of time and effort to roll and are unfiltered. Not any more! This Professional Cigarette Injector creates a cigarette just like you would buy in a store, filter and all. This machine uses the same technology on a smaller scale as the tobacco companies use to create the perfect filtered cigarette. This model is especial simple to use: Load the hopper, insert the cigarette blank to the tube and press the button to fill the cigarette. In about 5 seconds you will have perfectly formed cigarette. You can adjust the tobacco density to your liking... Choose from a tight-firm packed cigarette to a loosly packed cigarette and everything in between. Additionally by rolling your own cigarettes you have total control of what goes in to your cigarettes. Many tobacco companies tobacco blends contain thousands of poisonous toxins, chemicals and additives; when rolling your own cigarettes you may choose to go with an all natural blend of tobacco which may not contain many of these harmful additives.


Imagine saving 80% off the cost of your cigarettes every day. Today outrageous taxes have caused cigarette prices to sky rocket. As of 2010 cigarette prices in New York have reached upwards of $12 a pack whereas the rest of the nation pays $7 a pack. Imagine paying only $2.50 per pack.... That would save the average pack-a-day smoker $31.50 a week (That's $1,638 per year!) If you live in New York you can save an incredible $66.50 a week or $3,458 per year. This is the machine that will change cigarette smoking for everybody for ever.

We offer starter packs of tubes with each offer for an additional $8! Choose the option above with the size you wish to receive to add cigarette tubes to your order. With each starter pack you will get 200 tube in a bulk pack. That's enough tubes to roll a FULL CARTON (10 packs) of cigarettes so you can get rolling right out of the box!

The Express Electric Cigarette Injector Features:
  • Professional quality cigarette machine yields perfect results
  • Fast electric operation- Push a button a go!
  • Adjustable tobacco density- You choose: Loose, Tight or in between
  • Ready to use out of the box- Plug it in, add YOUR OWN tobacco
  • Rolls up to 10 cigarettes per minute- That's a half pack!
  • Auger style injector evenly distributes tobacco
  • Uses standard cigarette tubes in either king size or 100's.
  • We offer Tube Starter kits in your choice of size for only $8 per 200 pack!
  • Easy load hopper is easy to load, easy to clean.

    This product does not contain any tobacco products. Tobacco sold separately.