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Classic 6 Inch Glow Sticks (Dozen)


U#5541-554 8-1

Order now and get 12 awesome glow sticks for every occasion! They have been around for decades now, yet Snap & Glow illuminating sticks have managed to change with the times and evolve in in to many different fun events and life styles. Many Ravers & club goers know the power of a good glow stick at a club, concert or rave event. They can mesmerize, hypnotize and inspire a wild atmosphere. Practice Makes Perfect! Hone your stick swinging skills and perform impressive tricks that will have people in awe. These classic 6 inch glow stix glow bright for hours, are non-toxic and have a string eyelet. Use these glow sticks as fun necklaces at birthday parties or at sporting events to stand out in the crowd. Available in tons of great colors look no further for the perfect glow stick!