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Club Size 16" Mirror Disco Ball


S# S9229-1

Our XXX-Large 16" Mirror Disco Ball is the same size and quality as you would expect to find hang above the dance floor in a night club! Hang it, spin it and shine a spot light on it to unleash the beauty and marvelous starlight effect produced by this disco ball. Included with your mirror ball is a base so you can use your mirror ball as a fancy disco style centerpeice that is perfect for weddings and parties! Thousands of mirror tiles cover the surface of the massive 16" globe. This disco ball is perfect for large rooms and dance floors but can also be used in small rooms for a powerful disco ball effect! Our best-selling disco balls are now available with high quality motors that spin your ball for a real ballroom effect. The motor is battery operated, cordless and can easily mount to any ceiling. Add your disco ball motor to your order by choosing "yes" option above!