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Combo Jet Torch Lighter & Cigar Cutter

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#31 Z#98-830
This great combo lighter has the cigar lover covered from snip to light. The cigar aficionado know not to leave home with out your cutters, but a cigar cutter is just another thing to carry in you pocket. This lighter features a flip out cigar cutter that is always right there by you side. Whether you smoke fine Dominicans or roll your own this all in one combo lighter will lighten your pockets and produce a flame that will light even the biggest cigars. The super sharp stainless steel blade will glide threw you cigar with ease. You can also use the cut & torch lighter to clip cigarettes, leaving you with a cigarette worth smoking again, with out the nasty odor or bad taste. This refillable metal butane torch lighter produces a powerful adjustable jet flame and is perfect for all smokers. Colors will ship assorted if color preference chosen is not availible without customer notification.