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Compact 3 Compartment Pill Box



Bring your medication where ever you go with this Classic Mirrored Pill Box! Whether you use this pill box for the occasional aspirin or you daily prescription this is sure to be the pill box for you! With three separate compartments you can keep multiple pills separate so you can easily find the pill you need at that time. Brilliantly finished in high polished chrome, the inside lid doubles ad a useful flat vanity mirror. This pill box's simple construction allows it to pop open with a single touch of a button and stays securely closed until you are ready to use it again. No more loose pills floating around you pocket or pocket book, just a new improvement on and old classic. The pill box you own now is probably bulky and hard to conceal, this is the obvious choice for any one who uses a pillbox on an every day basis or hear and there to cure your any aliment.